If you have been charged with Driving While Intoxicated in Colorado, by now you have probably realized that virtually everyone (attorney or not) has advice about what you should do.  Unfortunately, it is likely that most of the information you are receiving is incomplete, imprecise, and/or just plain wrong.  One thing is certain - you are not alone.  People of all kinds get charged with DUI from doctors, lawyers, students, teachers, construction workers to parents and grandparents. 


One thing is for certain, by visiting Koncilja & Koncilja you have taken the first step of taking back control of your situation.  Clearly, if you are not someone who just wants to “wait and see” what happens, then you are the kind of client that we want.


Penalties of DUI in Colorado:

In Colorado, a first offense of driving while intoxicated is a Class I Misdemeanor.  Such crimes carry a possibility of:

Two Questions You Probably Have:


1) Am I going to Jail for a Year?


For first time offenses, unless there is something unique about your case, you are not likely to receive substantial jail time .  Unique cases would include those which involved an accident or particulary bad driving behavior for example.  In fact, in many jurisdictions, a person convicted can avoid active jail time all together.  Clearly, however, the other penalties of driving while intoxicated are very serious.

2) I Can’t Drive for a Year?

Though your license is suspended for a year, in many cases, you can obtain a restricted operator’s license to drive for limited purposes to include for school, employment, or church services.  However, as of Jan 1, 2009, you must have an ignition interlock installed on any car you drive for at least six (8) months.  If you violate the terms of your restricted license, you will receive additional criminal liability.


How can I Help you?


We have handled all types of criminal charges, from minor speeding tickets to serious felonies.  However, he has a particular interest in DUI defense.  It is my sincere belief that evidence based  “field sobriety tests,” and breathalyzer results should be questioned.  When necessary, We am eager to put the prosecution to its burden.

Also, since day one of practice, We have defended clients charged with DUI exclusively in the Pueblo area.  

We take pride in not only advocating for our clients, but educating our client so that he or she can be an active participant in their defense.  We take our job seriously and we truly enjoy the work.  The most important focus of mine is to empower the client to take control of their own case.  After all, this is your life we are dealing with.

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